Cool Mind Reading Maths Trick

Ever wondered if you could amaze your friends & teachers , with some cool maths trick?, but then you thought maths?!,….ugh!!!

Maths seem complex to a lot of people because it’s a mumbo jumbo! Of numbers,signs, and mathematical notations. And so most people take to their heels when asked to solve a mathematics problem. This session is aimed at showing you a mind reading maths trick that would show you that everyone is capable of being a maths guru!..

So let’s get started. First you might wanna call a brother, sister, colleague or a friend to help practice….

  • Step 1 : Ask your volunteer to think of a number (any number,but for easy calculations a number between 1 & 10 would be nice).

Note: The volunteer isn’t allowed to disclose any info to you. So its better to warn him/her not to tell you any result while calculating else it wouldn’t be much of a trick anymore!..

  • Step 2: Ask your volunteer to double the number he/she had thought of or in other words to multiply it by two. ( Calculator is allowed).

  • Step 3: Ask the volunteer to add a number with which its half can be found easily. In other words a number whose half isn’t a fraction or decimal value. For example you can ask him/her, to add 10 whose half is ‘5’, (whole number), not 15 whose half is ‘7½’

  • Step 4: For this last part, ask the volunteer to half the value of  whatever his/her answer is by now…., then ask him/her to subtract the number he originally thought of from the beginning (step 1), from the answer they got in ‘step 4’ 

NOTEThe answer to this tricky sequence is always half the number in ‘step 3’ say you asked him/her to add 6 , the answer would be ‘3’ . Don’t get too excited and reveal the answer prematurely though wait until after ‘step 4’ .Be sure to follow the instructions below in the conclusion part….

CONCLUSION/UNVEILING: Now here’s the part where you get to surprise your audience…. Here’s how , after ‘step 4’, you might wanna try and sound cool  by asking them ”is your answer….” then if they smile back at you and say yes boom! mission accomplished! .



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