Weight Vs Mass!…Epic Showdown!


For many “mass” and “weight “would probably make no difference since we use this two words on a daily basis, little do most people know that weight and mass, in the world of science, more importantly physics!  are two distinct properties exhibited by matter..
     Mass is defined as the ” amount”  of matter contained in a body and is measured in Kilograms or “Kg” for short. If mass is the quantity of matter in a body, what then is “weight” …Weight is not what you read on the scale when you “weigh” yourself, rather weight is the amount of force required to keep your feet on the ground by gravity, that is how much force must be exerted on a body to bring it back on the surface of the earth after an upward projection, it’s S.I unit is in Newton or “N” for short….
       Let’s look at the relationship between weight and mass. So from our basic knowledge we must probably know by now that force exerted on a body is given to be: F=ma, where m stands for the mass of the body and a the acceleration given to it.
   Weight is as a result of the acceleration given to bodies of different masses towards the centre of the earth. This is known as acceleration due to gravity and is denoted as “g” , it has a constant value of 9.8m/s^2 , approximately 10m/s^2.
So does a body say of mass 10 kg in mass (not weight!) The weight of this body would be expressed as
    W= mg
W= weight
m= mass of the body in this case 10 kg
g= acceleration due to gravity
Therefore, W= 10*g
                      W=10*10= 100N,……
So now you know!….hope this helped you a little to see the difference between weight and mass! ,….
Thank you!………..…..…………………………………


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