Cool Mind Reading Maths Trick

Ever wondered if you could amaze your friends & teachers , with some cool maths trick?, but then you thought maths?!,….ugh!!! Maths seem complex to a lot of people because it’s a mumbo jumbo! Of numbers,signs, and mathematical notations. And so most people take to their heels when asked to solve a mathematics problem. This… Continue reading Cool Mind Reading Maths Trick


Weight Vs Mass!…Epic Showdown!

For many “mass” and “weight “would probably make no difference since we use this two words on a daily basis, little do most people know that weight and mass, in the world of science, more importantly physics!  are two distinct properties exhibited by matter..      Mass is defined as the ” amount”  of matter contained… Continue reading Weight Vs Mass!…Epic Showdown!


#Cool off!….Newton’s Ideas

In the year 1701 sir Isaac Newton brought his theory that describes how substances gain or lose heat with respect to the surroundings, to limelight. Thus Newton’s law of cooling was born and goes like this in the 20th century : “The rate of heat gain or heat loss of a body with respect to… Continue reading #Cool off!….Newton’s Ideas


Equations of motions

There are four equations in physics that define the nature of motion in objects, these include; (1. S = ut + 0.5at^2 (2. V^2 = U^2 + 2as (3. S = 0.5(v+u)t (4. V = u+at…., So whenever you have a physics problem involving motion of an object it is safe to use any suitable… Continue reading Equations of motions

Fun Facts

#Sun Fact

Fun Fact    The sun is a medium sized,middle aged star. That doesn’t burn like fire but uses hydrogen as fuel to generate that much power, so that it shines so bright, emits that much heat and radiation that helps plants to grow and warms the Earth…